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Our IKAT Collection

Ganesha Group 1 

Ananya Group 2

Mod Sar Group 3 

Jhumkha Group 4 

Adrakh Group 5 

Juna Group 6 

Bhujodi Group 7 

Khavda Group 8

Makhna Group 9 

Mithadi Group 10 

Vavadi Group 11

Mankuva Group 12 

Vantra Group 13 / Overdyed

Godra Group Donut Group 14

Kurbai Group Dobby Group 15

Dinar Group Jaquard Group 16

Padhar Group 17

Kotada Group 18 Double IKAT

Mod Bhakhri Group 19 / Overdyed 

The story of IKAT

Ikat, the most marvelous of handloom weaving is always extremely complex.
The extraordinary creativity of Ikat begins with the yarn. This is because every single thread of yarn in Ikat carries on it details of the larger design that the eye sees as the wonderful, colorful work of Art.  A finished fabric.

Before weaving can begin and even before yarn is dyed, an expert carefully draws out on the yarn the design of the eventual pattern, those parts of each length of yarn that need to remain undyed are tightly bound over with rubber seals and tied.

After this, the whole lengths of yarn go into the dyeing process where the uncovered selections of yarn receive the dye. Out from the vat and dried, the rubber bindings are removed to reveal lengths of yarn each one with striped patterns. This binding over and dying process is then repeated for all additional colors on the same yarn.

Eventually, after all these preparations, the yarn carefully set up as warp on the loom, with the striped yarn painstakingly arranged according to the exact configuration of the final design, now at last the weaving begins. Only after that is finished, can the final effect of Ikat be fully appreciated – design of vibrant color with slightly “ghosted” edges.

Ikat appears exactly the same on either side of the fabric.

For “single Ikat” patterns on yarn is used only in warp and in “double Ikat” both warp and weft are patterned yarn.

There are many hands required in the process, whole family take part in whatever they can assist with.

Ikat is not machine made fabric.

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Ananya Group 2 - Slideshow

Mod Sar Group 3 - Slideshow

Jhumkha Group 4 - Slideshow

Adrakh Group 5 - Slideshow

Juna Group 6 - Slideshow

Bhujodi Group 7 - Slideshow

Khavda Group 8 - Slideshow

Makhana Group 9 - Slideshow

Mithadi Group 10 - Slideshow

Vavadi Group 11 - Slideshow

Mankuva Group 12 - Slideshow

Vantra Group 13 / Overdyed - Slideshow

Godra Group Donut Group 14 - Slideshow

Kurbai Group Dobby Group 15
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Dinar Group Jaquard Group 16 - Slideshow

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Kotada Group 18 - Slideshow

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